Golden Rope will provide professional design services. Our services are provided and implemented by a team of professional designers, has many years of experience in the field of design for the Japanese market and Europe.

  • Game Design
    Game Design
    In this day of technology is developing rapidly pace, the game now has taken on a completely different appearance. An attractive world is enormous, with images, color, sound is not inferior to the real world, where gamers can immerse yourself in the adventures of their own. Therefore, game designers now also requires more stringent factors, such as creativity, artistic ability, and especially to have an understanding of the user experience. At Golden Rope Studio, we always uphold the quality of products. All products comply with rigorous stages from concept to completion. Each product born as a work of art and each work of art is the result of a creative process. All are aimed at satisfying the needs of customers.
  • Application Design
    Application Design
    Mobile application is a software suite designed for smart phones with special designs are studied to match the characteristics of the screen. Also mobile application also provides great experience for customers. Design mobile application is a centralized intelligent, practical and efficient for today's business. Been developed aimed at creating diverse relationships for you and the customer. Golden Rope Studio offers design services on mobile applications with stylish modern design, innovative, and have a deep understanding of user experience. We have been designing mobile applications for many individuals and businesses in and outside the country, introducing application business information, sales online application, app games / entertainment, ...
  • Web Design
    Web Design
    Together with the strong growth of the Internet. Today, owning one website no longer a stranger, even in some cases also the mandatory standards for enterprises - companies in the time global competition today. With a team of professional graphic designers, creative and dynamic, Golden Rope Studio is proud to bring to our customers the high-end website design with professional style, leave a deep impression to visitors, thereby enhancing the competitiveness for customers in the name of advertising on the Internet. The designs of Golden Rope Studio ensures impressive criteria according to customer requirements, ensure uniqueness, not duplicate. Designed in the style simple, modern and luxurious. Sticking content and requirements of the customer.
  • Brand Design
    Brand Design
    Systems brand identity is the expression of a company's identity by images through the use of written words and symbols. Brand identity system comprising elements constituting the brand recognition is reflected in a uniform, consistent create unique features that distinguish the brand with other brands. A brand identity system impressive professional can bring you lots of business benefits, as follows:
    • Help prove you really do business
    • Helps attract new customers
    • To strengthen the trust of our partners, customers
    • Makes it easy to be remembered more
    • Help you differentiate and stand out in your industry
    • To attract investors or to easily transfer
    • To explain what you are doing business
    • Meets in your industry
  • Artwork & 3D
    Artwork & 3D
    Concept Art can be said is considered the first step in the process of finalizing the product. Thanks to Concept art, one would obtain the initial design of the product. And thus, the subsequent processes involving new products can be started. Therefore concept art is an important step in the process of making the product. Golden Rope providing concept art services such as logo concept game, item, character, ... Also Golden Rope Studio also provides services on Blender 3D imaging: a dedicated software is used to create 3D animations birth dynamic and integrated beautifully with the effects and the unique skills and diversity. Golden Rope Studio will use the drawing tools and 3D geometry designed for use in quite animated, the user interface, TV commercials, game development ... With professional style, Golden Rope Studio will always its utmost to meet and satisfy every customer's requirement.